Orgasmic Breast Massage

Breast Massage Skills:
She’ll Crave Your Hands On Her Body


“I had this one boyfriend who played with my breasts in a way where I’d have multiple orgasms from nipple stimulation. The way he massaged my whole breasts long before going for my nipples takes me over the edge, time and time again.” – Cheryl S., San Francisco

Hey There,

We all know that men are fascinated with our breasts. The sight of a cleavage, the feel of soft breast tissue is a MAJOR turn-on for a guy.

Lucky is the woman whose lover really knows how to approach “the girls” with finesse.

Unfortunately, most guys go right for the nipple, sucking and tweaking the most sensitive part of your breast or being too rough or worse, not giving your breasts any attention.

It’s not their fault. They just don’t know what to do. They probably don’t even know they could be giving you nipple-gasms or they would be trying!

My best advice? Listen to my friend Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex advisor to millions. Susan is a veritable expert on breast massage as foreplay. And she has a step-by-step orgasmic breast massage that you can teach your partner just in time for Valentine’s Day:


A good breast massage is amazing foreplay. What your man needs to understand is that breasts have erectile tissue. That’s right: your breasts fill up with blood just like his penis. That’s why your nipples get hard! He’ll be thrilled to discover exactly what to do so you start asking for his hands on your breasts.

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Men are goal oriented. For the same reason he goes straight for your nipples, he will love this step-by-step guide. Give this massage plan to your lover as a Valentine’s Day gift.

And if you’re single right now, go grab this knowledge so you can show your next partner how to pleasure your breasts, turn you on, and give you nipple-gasms.


Sharing this massage technique and this experience—with your current or next lover—will radically increase the amount of sexual pleasure you have throughout your life.

Be his favorite Valentine of all time,

Jack Slade

P.S.  Interesting factoid. Susan says that, “nipple stimulation initiates orgasmic contractions in your pelvis.” That means playing with your breasts more during sex will intensify your orgasmic pleasure.

STEP-BY-STEP TECHNIQUES  Get The Breast Massage Master Plan